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Magnetic switches

Inductiveand magnetic sensors, components and associated assemblies for applications in industryand mining.

Incomparison to sensors available in the market, the inductive proximityswitches, solenoid switches and level switches by TIEFENBACH feature a uniquerobustness and long service life even in areas with extreme environmentalconditions. Examples are: sensors in hot-rolling lines and presses in steelworks as well as in deep coal mining or in the chemical industry, where inaddition requirements with regard to intrinsic safety and explosion protectionmust be met.



?   Contact-free actuation thanks to permanent magnets

?   Maintenance-free

?   High rupturing capacity

?   Wide temperature range

?   Suitable for any installation position

?   High responsiveness up to max. 30 m/s

?   Long service life of109

?   Virtually no inertia

?   With cable set or cable compartment

?    Cablelengths of 2 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m etc Cable(oil-resistant,temperature-resistant up to 180 °C,UV-resistant)

Magnetic switch

Electronic magnetic switch

Electronic actuatingmagnet

Permanent actuating magnet

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