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Electrical Pump EPS

     Lubrication pumps EPS are used as a source of pressure lubricant inthe circuits of two-line central lubrication systems. Pumps can be used forlubrication of high number of lubricated points, large circuits with extensivelenght of distribution piping and high lubricant consumption, also in thehardest operational environment. Lubrication pump is usually used forpermanent, or in combination with control unit, for cyclic lubrication ofvarious machines, engineering technologies and equipment.


The main part of the EPS lubricator is a body containing a piston pump with four workingpistons in two separate pumping units. The pump is driven through asingle-stage worm gearbox by a flange mounted electric motor fitted to the sideof the body. A hydraulic control unit is situated on the front of thelubrication pump body. This consists of: a hydraulic change-over valveconnected to the body by a slide insert and connecting flange, a by-pass valvewith regulating nut, a pressure gauge and an electric switch. Four venting screwsare situated on the upper part of the slide insert. A steel plate lubricantcontainer is also fastened vertically to the body. In order to improve plasticlubricant pumping as well as suction efficiency there is a scraper blade in thepump container and oblique compression areas to direct the plastic lubricantinto the suction space. An electric sensor to signal minimum lubricant level isbuilt into the lower part of the container. In addition, an electric sensor tosignal maximum lubricant level can be fitted in its upper inside. A fillinghole with connecting piping is situated in the lower cross part of the storagebin. The lubricator is a unit screwed on the foundation frame. 


Maximum working pressure       400 bar

Nominaloutput       max 400cm3/min

Lubricantreservoir capacity      30kg,100kg

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