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Progressive divider VP Series


        VR Progressive distributor is a unit-construction lubricating elementconsisting of 3 to 10 arbitrary working sections, a supply section and aclosing section. The first section in direction of lubrication supply is calledthe supply section and the last one is called the closing section. Each section(except for the supply and closing sections) has at least 2 outlets placedhorizontally on the side. Individual outlets can be mutually connected so as toattain the required output from a certain outlet. Opposite outlets of onesection can be connected into one outlet (by internal arrangement of section)so as to double the output. Outlets of adjacent sections can be connected bymeans of external connecting bridges so as to combine the nominal doses of theconnected outlets. The letter A (type VRA) or B (type VRB) is stamped on eachsection along with a number that indicates the piston value. This valuespecifies the quantity of lubricant supplied from the outlet. An arrow,indicating respective outlet, is stamped on each side of section along with anumber that indicates the piston value. The outlet pertaining to the givensection is always the one nearest to the inlet from progressive distributor.The progressive distributor can be provided with optical signalling (signallingpin) or electric signalling (contactless - induction switch).

Lubricatingcircuits with progressive distributors are usually fitted for permanent,regular lubrication of various machines, engineering technologies and devices.They are also used for lubrication of mobile machines and devices, e.g. forchassis of lorries, buses, semi-trailers, trailers and the like. PRA and PRBProgressive distributors are sectional distributors in two size series with achoice of nominal doses for each section from 0.08 up to 0.9 cm3 /stroke. Maximumworking pressure is 230 bar.


Maximum working pressure    230 bar

 Workingpressure      180 bar

Nominal supplied quantity           VRA 0.08 -0.30ml/stroke/outlet

                                                   VRb  0.30 -0.90ml/stroke/outlet

Minimumnumber of outlets      6 (1 if connecting bridges used)

Maximumnumber of outlets    20

Inletpipe union         M14x1.5 mm, tube outside dia. 6, 8, 10, 12 mm

 Outlet pipe union     M10x1 mm, tube outside dia. 6, 8, 10 mm

Inductionswitch nominal voltage       10 - 30V DC, 200 mA

Lubricant           grease max. NLGI - 2

oil min. 50 mm2 s-1

Temperatureof working environment      - 25 to 80 0C

Weight           1.5 to 9.0 kg (depending onvariant)

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